Underground River at Xcaret Park

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Underground River at Xcaret Park

Underground River XcaretUnique geological formations such as natural pools, lagoons, fresh water sink holes; a beach and underground rivers make Xcaret Park a heaven of water activities.

The Underground River at Xcaret is one of the most popular activities at the Park. This natural attraction takes visitors on a journey in the crystal clear waters of the Riviera Maya underworld.

The soft currents make swimming in this unique Mayan caves, a fantastic water adventure. When visitors travel through the Underground River in Xcaret they will enjoy observing prehistoric marine fossils on the cavern walls as well as precious stalagmites and stalactites. Light filters through beautiful natural openings along the way which doesn´t make it completely dark.

The fresh water currents allow visitors to float within a distance of 2000 feet using life-vests in a depth of 1.60 meters. Snorkel equipment which includes fins and mask is optional but also a great way to admire underwater views and observe how fresh and salt water mix.

The adventure in Xcaret´s Underground River takes approximately 20 minutes swimming or floating along one kilometer of underwater caves. During the trip, visitors will pass by open air sections, and there are also several exit points in case people get tired.

The water temperature at the Xcaret Underground River can get quite cool, so be sure to be a little warmed up before you enter. Visitors are able to leave their belongings in a closed personal bag before diving into Xcaret´s Underground River that will be waiting at the exit.

All Xcaret Tickets include entrance to the Underground River, from the Xcaret Basic entrance to the most personalized Xcaret Tour (Xcaret Plus, Xcaret Two Days).

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