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Xcaret Kids!

Xcaret Kids

The Xcaret family is dedicated to educating people of all ages about the ancient Mayans, the natural wildlife and protecting all of these things.

            But the fun isn’t only at Xcaret Park!   Xcaret Park has now created a website just for kids!  Both fun and educational, this website offers games and activities that are perfect for children of any age.   If you are trying to get your child excited about visiting Xcaret Eco Park, this is the perfect way to introduce the idea to children!   Or maybe you little one just didn’t want to leave!  Now they can have a piece of Xcaret Park at home anytime they want!

            The site has many activities.   There are animal printouts for those who like to paint or color and there are airplane printouts for the rambunctious spirits that need something with a little excitement!   There is also an activities section that is under construction, but will be completed very soon.  The activities will include at home projects, outdoor projects and a few that are appropriate for the classroom!  Most of these activities will be appropriate for children to do without adult supervision, but of course parents are welcome to join the fun too!

            The Xcaret Park staff and family want every one of their guests to have the best experience possible and that includes taking excellent care of their littlest guests as well!   With this new website, your child or grandchild can enjoy their Xcaret Eco Park experience again and again and even share it with their friends!

How to get to Xcaret Park-Transportation FAQ´s

Hot to get to Xcaret

Here is a complete list of the most frequent asked questions on Xcaret transportation.

When staying in a Cancun hotel how do you get to Xcaret Park? There are many ways to get to the Park. The Xcaret Tour with transportation picks you up from your hotel lobby/ meeting point with other guests (7-8:00am) arriving at Xcaret Park around 10:00 am (return schedule will depend if you choose to stay for the Xcaret Night Show).  One can also arrange for a non-stop private transportation in an air-conditioned van that fits groups of 6 persons. Rental cars offer the ultimate comfort and privacy. There are also taxis, and a bus that departs from downtown Cancun.

Is transportation included in your Xcaret Tickets? No. You must purchase the Xcaret Tour with transportation. If you book the Xcaret Tour from a travel agency or tour desk, it will include round-trip transportation in an air-conditioned bus that picks you up from your hotel.

If you book your Xcaret Tour with transportation directly from the Park (through the official Web site/ or by phone) you will enjoy a transfer in a colorful bus that departs from the meeting point at Xcaret Information Center located right across  Plaza Caracol Shopping Mall in Cancun´s Hotel Zone (departs 8:30 am). The meeting point in Playa del Carmen is located next to the ferry dock (departs 9:00am).

What are the best driving routes to Xcaret Park? The Federal Highway 307, Puerto Juarez-Chetumal is the only one route that connects Cancun and the Riviera Maya with Xcaret Park. The Park is located at Km 282, only 5 minutes away from Playa del Carmen.  

Is parking available in Xcaret Park? Yes, parking is available at Xcaret Park and it´s free for the length of your stay.

How long does it take to Xcaret Park? When leaving from Cancun, it takes approximately a one-hour drive to the Park. From Playa del Carmen it´s a 15-minute drive.  

If arriving by cruise ship to Cancun, will I be able to take Xcaret Tour? The Xcaret tour with transportation included is not recommended if you are arriving by ship. Your schedule as a rule will not fit the departure and return times of the tour. Its best to take a cab so you can dispose of your own time.

What are the schedules of public buses to Xcaret Park? The public bus departs from the ADO bus terminal located downtown Cancun or Playa del Carmen and leaves every hour from 8:00-11:00 am. It costs approximately $5.00 USD and drops you off on the highway, where you can take the free shuttle to Xcaret Park´s main gate.   

How much does a taxi charge to Xcaret Park? Taxi rates will vary from your hotel location. From Cancun´s Hotel Zone it will cost around $100 USD, from downtown Playa del Carmen it will be approximately $15 USD. Capacity is up to 4 people. We suggest to confirm price with driver first.

Xplor: New Park of Xcaret Group

The third natural theme park of Xcaret Group in the Riviera Maya, Xplor opened its doors this month with an investment of approximately 22 million dollars designed especially for extreme adventure lovers.

As tourism continues to increase in the area, Xcaret Group has recently opened Xplor Park, as the third theme park of the Mexican company including Xcaret Park and Xel-Ha Park.

The group has confirmed that the project it is similar to Xcaret Park and Xel-Ha Park, but with an exclusive design for adventure tourism that seeks exciting activities and challenges in the underground natural settings of the Riviera Maya.   

The brand new 50-hectare complex is located two kilometers away from Xcaret Park and has a daily capacity for 1200 visitors. Xplor Park features an underground river with stalactites, water caves and cenotes for rafting, and also has the longest zip-line in Mexico with an extension of more than 500 meters, as journeys with amphibian vehicle through the jungle.

Due to the health contingency that Mexico suffered last month, Xcaret Park and Xel-Há Park maintained their commitment to the destination by organizing internationally famous events such as the Third Sacred Mayan Crossing, the Environmental Day celebration and the Mayan Challenge of Box which gathered more than twenty thousand visitors all together.

Xcaret Mayan Challenge- Box in Xcaret

On June 6th Xcaret Park hosted one of the most expected box events of 2009. Ricardo Maldonado Jr. from Producciones Deportivas and the local fight promoter Pepe Gómez arrived to the Mayan Riviera to carry out the magnum event called the Mayan Challenge at Xcaret with hundred of delegates from the NABF convention along with five thousand fans.  

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez scored a ninth round KO over Brazilian Jefferson “Holyfield” Goncalo in an NABF Welterweight title defense, former WBC light fly champ Omar Niño Romero topped Juanito Rubillar in a WBC eliminator and NABF Fly champ Wilberth Uicab won a ten-rounder over B. J. Dolorosa. The Mayan Challenge at Xcaret also featured several domestic fights, returning former champs and international battles between Mexicans, Brazilians and Filipinos. 

The World Box Council representatives were very glad to have been in Quintana Roo for the Mayan Challenge at Xcaret, and said that it was a very important event for the promotion of this tourist destination, as all the media´s attention was focused on Mexico and the Riviera Maya for several days.

The Mayan Challenge at Xcaret Park also had the participation of other celebrities of the boxing world such as Omar Niño Romero from Mexican state of Jalisco, the Filipino opponent Juanito Rubillar, ex world champ Rudy López, Pablo Polanco from Quintana Roo, Wilberth Uicab from Yucatan, the Filipino B.J. Dolorosa, Emilio Perea and Juan Pablo “Lagarto” Sánchez.

Source: NABF News/

Xcaret Park Sacred Mayan Crossing 2009

Xcaret Park celebrated in May the third Sacred Mayan Crossing to Cozumel as a representation of one of the most important traditions of the Mayan culture.  

Year after year Xcaret Park brings to life the ancestral journey to Cozumel that the Mayas use to carry out hundreds of year ago, to show the world that Mexico´s fascinating pre-Hispanic history can be experienced just as our ancestors did.

The Xcaret Sacred Mayan Crossing festivity began Thursday night on May 21st with a series of activities that included an exhibition of Mayan products  such as cotton blankets, feathers, jade and cacao seeds, which could have been sold by them thousands of years ago, and today form part of their legacy.        

The program of the Xcaret Sacred Mayan Crossing continued with the blessing and initiation of the oarsmen that would participate in the voyage to Cuzamil (Cozumel), including dances to honor the goddess Ixchel, rituals and a blessing ceremony with the most exquisite incense aromas which also was a colorful representation of the fishing village Pole (how the Mayas used to call Xcaret) that was being prepared for the next day trip.

Early morning on Friday May 22nd, near 5:30 am more than 4,000 guests and staff gathered in Xcaret Park for the send-off ritual of the Sacred Mayan Crossing of approximately twenty five canoes with six crew members in each one, who with great effort carried out the crossing to Cozumel rowing in the Caribbean Sea and recreating the Mayan pilgrimage to honor Ixchel the goddess of the moon cycles, of fertility, fishing, weaving and childbirth.

Xcaret´s Sacred Mayan Crossing challenge consisted of rowing canoes through the Cozumel Channel from Xcaret-Pole towards Cuzamil-Cozumel, and arriving at Chankanaab Park to present offerings and petitions, and traveling back the next day to Xamanha-Playa del Carmen to deliver Ixchel´s message to the people.